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Why Experienced Renovators Use Onsite Storage

Expecting the Unexpected

Experienced renovators know that flipping a house rarely comes off exactly as planned. Coordinating and accommodating the schedules of subcontractors, dealing with unexpected damage or deterioration uncovered during the remodeling process, crazy weather and natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey; all of these are just a few examples of the unpredictable events that can wreak havoc on your flip and turn it into a profit-sucking flop.

Anticipating On Site Storage Needs

Leasing on site storage as part of any renovation budget, right from the start of the project, is an excellent way to keep your project on time and under budget. A shipping container or semi-trailer right on the site becomes your easy access warehouse on demand. There is now a secured, weatherproof space available for furniture, carpets, window treatments, and any other high-value items from the house to be preserved safely out of the way of busy contractors. You’ve got plenty of space for generators, compressors, and heavy expensive tools that you need to keep safe and handy.

Extra Storage for Versatility

Your flooring man shows up with 1200 sq. feet of tongue and groove, but the plumber tells you that he needs to do extensive replacement of newly discovered deteriorating pipes in the kitchen walls first. You have a place to keep that nice new, expensive, tongue and groove flooring safely out of the elements until you’re ready for it. When your vinyl siding supplier tells you he can get you a 20% discount on your order, but only if you take delivery now instead of next month when the sale has expired, you’ll have the storage space to take advantage of the opportunity and add that extra 20% profit to your bottom line. It's easy to see how leasing on site storage can provide a significant return on investment by maintaining the job flow for a profitable successful flip. 


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