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Help America Keep Moving with Kindness of Any Kind

At Country Supply, we have experienced the ups and downs in the trucking industry. What's happening now is new to all of us. The best thing to do is to stay as positive as we can, and help out where we can. 

Not only do we have the COVID-19 crisis, but also many states just had a devastating Easter of tornadic storms. It's truly a time to help, however possible. There are a lot of ways to help truckers and others on the front lines. And now, we must also help all the people losing the safety of their homes during this pandemic. 

Shout Outs to Those Helping our Truckers...

We want to shout out to those establishments, where the people are helping out our nation's truckers. To any others helping out our truckers, THANK YOU from all of us at Country Supply. 

Ways to Help if You Can...

While many people are suffering, some of us are getting by during this critical time. It's a good idea to give to those organizations that are honestly helping people in need. Before you give, you want to be sure you're giving to a worthy organization, as reviewed on And, you may want to look at Charity Navigator for more information. Here are a couple that you may want to check out to support.

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