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Should I lease or purchase a semi-trailer?

Leasing A Semi-Trailer: Achieve Your Goals Without Breaking The Bank

One of the most essential questions that many new owner-operators will have to answer is whether they should lease or purchase a semi-trailer. This decision should be taken seriously because it is a decision that can impact your entire business operations. Purchasing and leasing have their own advantages and benefits, and each option will be an appropriate solution in different situations. 

While many truck drivers will own their semi-trailer, many of the operators who are new to the trucking industry will decide to lease their trailer. Leasing a trailer for a semi is a likable option for many reasons. There are several things that will need to be considered when you are choosing between leasing and purchasing, including the following:

  • How long you will need the trailer
  • Your credit score
  • How much money you have to use
  • The condition of your current equipment

Many owner-operators enjoy the leasing option because of the constantly changing trucking industry and the ever-changing technology. Leasing a trailer will result in several short-term financial benefits. This is generally because you are not paying to use any other equipment; you are only paying to use the trailer.

When you lease a trailer, this will typically require that you make a small payment that you should be able to afford. Leasing is a likely option if your company is growing quicker than you expected and you want to invest your finances in other areas of your business. Liberty Leasing & Equipment Company has the financing options you need to obtain the trailer that will fit your company. With years worth of experience, Liberty Leasing & Equipment will be committed to doing everything possible to help you grow your business. 

When Should You Purchase?

When you make the decision to purchase a semi-trailer, you will recognize many of its advantages instantly. Owning a semi-trailer will allow you to depreciate your semi-trailer as one of your assets when it is time to file your tax return. When you make the decision to purchase a semi-trailer, you will be able to build your worth, if you purchase the semi-trailer with credit. You will also be able to trade the trailer when the time comes to upgrade.

If you are finding yourself in a difficult financial situation, leasing is an option that will give you the opportunity to get back on your feet. If you do not have a heavy cash flow, leasing a trailer will be an ideal solution for you. The trailer you plan to lease will only be another one of your monthly expenses. If you want to focus on putting your finances into other parts of your growing business, leasing is definitely an option you should consider. 

If you are on the fence about leasing a semi-trailer, do not worry. We can help you make the decision that is best for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today.