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Surprise Inspections Target Drivers Within Nebraska

Surprise inspections are becoming increasingly common along U.S. highways, but nowhere do they seem to be happening more frequently than in Nebraska. A recent blitz of surprise inspections in the Cornhusker State caught a number of truckers off guard, and resulted in a good number of vehicles being placed out of service.

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) conducted surprise inspections in three different areas of the state: Lincoln, Omaha, and Sarpy County, and targeted a total of 261 big rigs. Of those, 109 trucks were placed out of service for violating codes related to things such as tires and brakes. This amounts to 42 percent of all trucks that were targeted for inspection being placed out of service. Among the findings were:

  • Fifteen drivers identified for having license violations, five at each inspection location.
  • 336 violations from 100 vehicle inspections in Lincoln, amounting to $7,350 in fines and 41 rigs being placed out of service.
  • 198 violations among 67 trucks inspected in Omaha, resulting in 30 vehicles being placed out of service and a total of $3,950 in fines.
  • 336 violations cited after inspecting 94 18-wheelers in Sarpy County. These violations amounted to $6,200 in fines and 38 trucks being placed out of service.

The Nebraska State Patrol has announced that these surprise inspections will continue. As such, truckers who are traveling through Nebraska should take extra precautions to ensure they comply with all regulations.

Here at Sam's Truck Sales, we are always interested in the latest developments concerning truckers, and strive to keep our customer base well informed. We are also eager to help our clients conform with regulatory guidance to ensure they are not placed out of service whether they are far from home in Nebraska or right here close to our office in California. For more information, please feel free to contact us.