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Robertson Truck Sales Will Keep Your Semi-Trailers Rolling

Robertson Trucks Sales is part of the Robertson Truck Group, and we have the skilled technicians to help you maintain your entire fleet of trucks and trailers. It is important that you keep your semi-trailers regularly maintained just as you do with the semi-trucks that pull them. Found on HDT Truckinginfo"9 Tips for Better Trailer Maintenance" by Rondini,  D. (2015 January) reviews important maintenance checks for your trailer.
  • Tire pressure is essential to avoid premature damage to tires. 
  • The suspension is very important to check, and a multitude of problems can occur when not properly maintained.
  • Not only the correct grease but also the amount used is essential to properly lube your trailer.
  • The braking system needs to be checked for alignment.
  • Trailer lights are essential to roadway safety. Non-working lights will surely get you pulled over.
  • Regular cleaning of road deicing chemicals can keep trailer parts from corrosion.
  • Boxed trailers need their insides and roofs checked to avoid cargo damage.
  • Maintain all security equipment to avoid unnecessary failures, especially moving along any road.
  • Always take time to do regular maintenance checks to keep little issues from becoming bigger and more expensive problems. 

Robertson Truck Sales has the solutions for all your medium and heavy-duty truck and equipment needs. We are the largest pre-owned truck dealer in the Mid-Ohio area. We have over forty years experience, and you can rest assured we can help you maintain your entire fleet of trucks and trailers. 

Our highly skilled technicians allow us not only to offer you the best in mechanical and diesel services, we have a fabrication shop that can build your medium to heavy duty equipment to fit your specifications. Our paint and detail shop will finish off your equipment to look brand new.

Robertson Truck Group is one team that can be your one source for all of your trucking solutions. It is always an honor to be a part of your team. For the perfect trucking solutions, call us at 740-397-4969.