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Don't Get Bumped Off The Road

The trucking industry is moving America, and our highways are becoming more and more populated. Safety is top priority. When the unavoidable accident happens, your truck drivers need properly installed safety equipment to keep them and other drivers safe. We're focusing on the semi-trailer.

Just a year ago, it was reported that fatal crashes are still a big issue when you review Gannon Pritchard's YouTube video and report, "Semi Users Are Using Safer Bumpers," by PowerNation. The  FDOT has outlined installation regulations found on Legal Beagle. June Farquhar's article, "Federal DOT Regulations for a Semi-Truck Bumper," also guides you on what trailers are required to have these bumpers installed.

Robertson Truck Sales is expertly trained and equipped to help you make sure your semi-trailer fleet is road ready. We offer the best in mechanical, fabrication and body shop repairs

Road safety is a priority with another semi-trailer feature that is not yet mandated. AirFlow Deflector's "Angelwing" is in the news. Clarissa Hawes gives a great review on entitled "Lawmakers Call for Guards on Trucks to Prevent Deadly Underride Crashes."

There are some cons regarding these underride guards found on Truckers Report. Samuel Barradas' article, "New Bill Could Mean Mandatory Side Underride Guards," summarizes the issues voiced by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA). The ATA is concerned about the additional weight that these underride guards may add, and it may be a better solution to install collision alert and auto-braking technologies. The TTMA expresses concerns of feasibility due to the challenge of installation that may be quite expensive.   

No matter what regulations come to the trucking industry, Robertson Truck Sales will work with you to keep your semi-trailers equipped and on the road. It is always our pleasure to be your one team choice for all of your trucking solutions.