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6 States Hike Fuel Taxes On July 1st

For many truckers, the prospects for success are frequently linked to the ebb and flow of fuel prices. As reported by Overdrive, diesel will now cost more in six states thanks to new tax hikes. All increases are effective July 1. Some of the changes did not occur without controversy. For example, in South Carolina, lawmakers overrode the governor's May 2017 veto to enact a tax increase.


In Indiana, the diesel tax rate increased 62 percent, from 16 cents to 26 cents. The existing 11-cent diesel surcharge almost doubled to 21 cents. Gasoline taxes also jumped, from 18 cents to 28 cents.

West Virginia

The state of West Virginia takes a different approach to taxing diesel fuel - it combines a flat rate with a  wholesale rate. At the wholesale level, the previous 11.7-cent minimum rose 3.5 cents. The base rate of 20.5 cents remains the same. Therefore, the total diesel tax is now 35.7 cents.


Lawmakers in Tennessee also opted for an incremental increase. On July 1 of this year, the diesel tax rate increased four cents to 22.4 cents. In 2018-2019, the rate is set to increase another six cents.

New Jersey

The diesel fuel tax increase that took effect on July 1 in New Jersey came on the heels of a January 1 increase. In January, taxes  more than doubled from 17.5 cents to 36.5 cents. On July 1, taxes went up another eight cents.

South Carolina

The controversial rate hike in South Carolina occurs in two-cent increments on July 1 of every year through 2022. The previous diesel rate of 16.75 cents increased to 18.75 cents on July 1, 2017. By 2022, the tax rate will be 28.75 cents.


Lawmakers in Big Sky Country appeared to favor truckers when they enacted a more modest increase on diesel than on gas. The diesel rate rose from 27.75 cents to 29.25 cents, while the gas tax went from 27 cents to 31.5 cents.

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