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Kenworth Works with Others to Support the Nation’s Finest

Do you know how many U.S. Veterans there are in the nation? By U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ standards, there are currently more than 18 million of them in the country with roughly 800,000 living in our state. Sadly, many are currently unemployed and most members of the semi-truck industry find that appalling. Accordingly, at least one of our partners has embarked on a mission to change all of that. It’s Kenworth.

Kenworth was gracious enough to provide one of their finest semi-trucks to the great folks behind the new Transition Trucking Award. Land Line staff writer, Mark Schremmer, subsequently covered Kenworth’s involvement in the initiative back on March 22nd, 2017. For those that missed Schremmer’s piece, the award is meant to honor military men and women who’ve opted to go on and enjoy an illustrious career in our beloved industry.

Furthermore, the award’s founders are hoping it will also help reduce future semi-truck driver shortages and the nation’s unemployment rate among veterans. As such, they made a Kenworth brand semi-truck part of the prize package and we all know how great their trucks are in general. So from where our Robertson Truck Sales Team Members sit, it’s a win-win for us all. The nation gets more happily employed drivers and the roadways get to see more Kenworth semi-trucks.

Why are we so excited about seeing more Kenworth trucks on the road? It’s simple really. Kenworth semi-trucks rarely need service and are known to run like champions for years. Notwithstanding, the company continues to offer Kenworth Privileges Memberships to veterans and others who own used or new semi-trucks. So we know that anyone buying a Kenworth from our Roberston Truck Sales’ lot will receive years of the very best service there is in the semi-truck industry. To learn more about how Kenworth and Robertson Truck Sales are helping put people back to work, please contact us today.