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Technologies That’ll Transform the Semi, Heavy and Medium Duty Truck and Trailer Industries

In the future of trucking industry, fuel and energy are perceived to be the wildcards that will need to be secured. The latest technologies based on electrics and diesel-electrics are gaining a lot of traction. On a fundamental level, you can anticipate electrified vehicles to go mainstream with reduced costs of producing and operating the electrified vehicles. Also, fuel economy improvements are incumbent on the trucking and trailer industries.

Here are the top trends that will change them for good:

  1. Improved Aerodynamics:

The modern trucks and trailers ought to be more fuel-efficient. Henceforth, they need to be of an improved aerodynamic design. The vehicles are getting slicker with advanced technologies like Trailer Tail that offers more stability and wind resistance to the vehicle. The future ones would need more improvement in the form of lower noses and rounder edges with wider tires.

  1. Fully Functional Hybrid Technology:

The hybrid technology has already ascended to the medium-duty trucks that are operational for hauling activities in the urban regions. However, the industry is now focusing on the hydraulic hybrid trucks that can recapture the energy lost in the braking with the help of high-pressure accumulators to run the vehicle even when the engine is off. It will also be installed with sensors and monitors for on road coverage and tracking.

  1. Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring:

For safe operations on the roads, tire pressure management needs to evolve with better capabilities. The existing tire monitoring systems are supplemented by the automatic tire inflation systems that track the tire pressure and compare it with a preset pressure limit. It will automatically inflate the tires if the detected pressure goes below the target.

Also, we may be soon ushering in an era of fully autonomous trucks and trailers with a focus on increased safety and efficiency, hence creating a more connected system of vehicles.