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Self-Driving Trucks Will NOT Wipe Out Trucking Jobs

Many people have been hearing for quite some time about the trucking industry being decimated by self-driving trucks that will kill trucking jobs. The news has been quite grim for many truckers, and many truck-drivers have been fearing that their jobs may indeed be in serious jeopardy.

However, not all experts agree that the prediction for the future of the truck-driving industry is so grim. Trucking is not guaranteed to be the next bloodbath in the American job scene.

How Self-Driving Trucks May HELP the Trucking Industry:

Studies done by groups such as theĀ Uber Advanced Technology Group, who are some of the leaders in providing self-driving trucks, these self-driving trucks may actually help the trucking industry and the jobs market, not worsen it.

How so?

Self-driving trucks will be able to operate around the clock, doing the long-haul driving jobs. They will take the products from the manufacturer warehouses to different cities throughout the country. They will run even during the night when short-distance truckers are not on the roads driving cross-country. This will help lower the cost of transportation for companies who have to transport their goods to stores and consumers across the US.

While the self-driving trucks will complete the "long haul" driving and eliminate the need for 12-hour marathon driving shifts, the last legs of the driving to be done by local, short-distance drivers who will be able to work the normal daylight shifts.

This Complements the Human Workforce:

The automated trucks of the near future will simply eliminate the long-distance, 1000+ mile drives that many drivers are making on a daily basis. It will also increase driver safety as eliminating 12-hour+ days will result in less accidents due to exhausted, overworked drivers. Less injuries resulting from accidents and more local trucking jobs will ensure that all truck drivers are still having plenty of work to do, while the automated trucks will help deliver the products to the local truckers that will deliver it to the stores and their final destinations.


This means that the trucking jobs out there may not be in the severe danger many people think they are in. More local trucking jobs may be a result of self-driving trucks, but there will still be plenty of goods to spread from warehouses to the local cities, and the self-driving trucks that take goods from door-to-door are likely a very long way off according to most industry experts.