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Bulldog Century: History Of The Mack Truck

The Mack Truck is renowned, known for its highway hauling capabilities, powerful build, and incredible durability. Employing cutting-edge technology and design, these trucks are trailblazers in the hauling industry, fulfilling a vision that was born over 100 years ago in Brooklyn, New York.

Early History

The story of the Mack Truck begins in the late 1890's, when John Mack started working at a carriage and wagon firm in Brooklyn. A few years later, he and his brother Augustus purchased the factory and transitioned from carriage and wagons to motorized vehicles. John and his brother wanted to create the most durable, high-performance trucks and engines in the world.

Mack Brothers Company was founded in 1900, and the company soon began to see industry success, focusing on commercial buses for schools, public transportation, and medical vehicles. Five years later, the company moved to Allentown, PA, and began producing the "Manhattan" truck, one of the first heavy-duty trucks to build the cab over the engine for better mobility and control, perfect for congested urban areas.

The Bulldog Mack

In 1916, the AC model was introduced, which went on to garner international fame for the company and was produced for an impressive 24 years. This model was nicknamed the "Bulldog Mack" by British soldiers during World War I. The durable truck provided supplies and equipment to the front lines and its toughness and solid frame reminded soldiers of their own country's mascot. The Bulldog nickname has remained a major part of the Mack Trucks brand and influence, and the Bulldog is still used as a company symbol and hood ornament on their massive trucks.

Mack Trucks Come to Canada 

In 1922, the company changed its name to Mack Trucks, Inc., and over the following decades, the trucks continued to be industry leaders in some of the most demanding construction projects, including the creation of Boulder Dam. Mack supplied heavy-duty vehicles to the effort in World War II, and it was during this time that Mack Trucks began to grow in Canada, as highway construction expanded and the demand for tough haulers increased. The 1950's saw the most dramatic change in Mack Trucks, with models developed for long-distance hauling, similar to those seen on highways today.

Mack Trucks: Born Ready

Today, Mack Trucks continue to develop powerful and versatile trucks, incorporating the most innovative technology of the modern age. Their new tagline, "Born Ready" encapsulates the reliability and stamina of these impressive haulers. Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is the largest Mack dealer in B.C. and we offer parts and services to keep you on the road. Contact us today for more information about our company and current inventory.