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Sure-Trac Offerings Poised to Expand Exponentially in 2017

At National Truck & Equipment in Reynoldsburg, we’ve come to appreciate Sure-Trac and its line of offerings. Accordingly, we were excited to learn of their recent expansion efforts. Their parent company, Novae Corporation, purchased H&H Trailers. KMA LAND Radio reporter, Ryan Matheny, covered the story surrounding the fortuitous purchase in early January 2017.

Although as Matheny pointed out, the H&H Trailers brand will remain intact, we look forward to the innovations the union is likely to produce moving forward. As it stands, both H&H Trailers and Sure-Trac are known for their high-quality products. However, those unfamiliar with the 24-year-old, trailer manufacturer may be happy to learn that the firm specializes in a number of open, enclosed and custom cargo trailers. In addition, all of the time-tested products currently on offer are NATM compliant.

Of those product offerings, the aluminum enclosed models are generally quite popular with both commercial and non-commercial consumers for a number of reasons. For example, they tend to be sturdy, flat-top trailers that pair well with trucks capable of pulling cargo over 1115 tons. The trailers’ interiors tend to be spectacular too, often featuring wood-covered floors and sidewalls. H&H Trailers’ AL Series line also happens to boast a number of configurations as well. So it is presently possible to find single and tandem axle cargo models as well as sled trailers, car haulers and combo trailers.

Local Sure-Trac representatives have yet to release a formal statement on the matter but we feel confident that they’re happy to welcome the well-respected trailer manufacturer into their parent company’s fold. To learn more about what other, upcoming changes in the semi, heavy and medium duty trucks and equipment industry may mean for everyone in Ohio, please contact our Reynoldsburg Headquarters today.