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Load Securement is Important for Safety

The team at National Truck & Equipment Sales takes pride in assuring we offer quality trucks, trailers, and equipment to our customers. We have a grand inventory that can replace or expand company fleets. We are your authorized dealer for quality semi-trailers, and we have a robust inventory of Sure-Trac trailers ready to roll off our yard.

Part of the trucking industry's constant worry is road safety for everyone. One of the important things to do in preparation for moving loads across the roads and highways is load securement. In early June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) had their annual International Roadcheck across North America to include Canada, United States, and Mexico. The focus for this year's check was hours of service. The results should be out in August, and we'll be looking at those findings for sure.

In 2017, the focus was on load securement. If you didn't review the findings from the 2017 road check, it's important to see the reasons trucks were put out of service. One of the top three reasons trucks were pulled off the road was the failure to properly secure cargo or loads not secured at all. Even in box trailers, loads need to be secured. 

Found on Smart Trucking"Avoiding Injury From Unsecured Loads: Tips For Truck Drivers" by CATMAC22* (2016, August 8) lists the first important step is to "be involved in the trailer loading process if possible." If you aren't able to monitor it, take time to confirm load securement. For those box trailers, it is important for the back-end load to be secured. Reportedly, many injuries occur when the drivers open up the trailer, and they are injured from falling products. 

There is a thorough guide that is available to everyone to make sure loads are properly secured. The Federal Motor Safety Administration has their "Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement" that is available in a downloadable, pdf copy. As the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry."

National Truck & Equipment Sales, part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, is here with any solution you need to equip your trailers with load securement. Whatever else you need for your trucking needs, we have the solutions. Call us at 844.683.6446 with any questions, or drop in for a visit. We're here to work hard for you.