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Volvo Trucks Celebrates 35 Years of Design Improvements in North America

Volvo Trucks recently celebrated its 35-year anniversary of the introduction of the Integral Sleeper. Truckinginfo reported that Volvo says that truck was the first truck in the continent that combined a sleeper cab compartment with a streamlined design. 

Volvo Trucks of North America's vice president of marketing and brand management Magnus Koeck said that innovation in terms of design, fuel, efficiency, safety, and driver productivity have been the most important factors of the company's success in North America. 

"We're proud of our heritage and celebrate 35 years of aerodynamic design. With the Integral Sleeper model we truly introduced a new standard, and all manufacturers quickly followed suit – a trend we continue to see today with automated manual transmissions, greater integration of connectivity services to help maximize uptime, and right-sizing of engines for improved fuel efficiency and weight savings," Koeck was reported saying by Truckinginfo. 

Volvo's Innovative Designs are Important for the Industry

While the Integral Sleeper truck was certainly innovative for its time, Volvo has had several areas in which it focused on design. It may come as no shock that safety was a paramount concern for the company with its heavy trucks. Volvo is known for its safety in passenger cars, and the company was the first to offer driver-side, steering-wheel-mounted airbag as standard equipment. 

Volvo has also revolutionized transmissions with its automated manual transmission called the I-Shift. The company says this transmission type is used in roughly 90 percent of its vehicles. Though Volvo offers manual shifting transmissions, the automated ones were a major step forward. 

Before other truckmakers were focused on aerodynamics, Volvo was deeply focused on this area of design. Easily seen in the Integral Sleeper, Volvo was a pioneer in this respect. May other truck manufacturers quickly followed suit, and now everyone focuses on this aspect of truck design.

Last, but certainly not least, the company pioneered many of the connectivity features and technology that truckers use every day. Volvo installed the necessary hardware to run Remote Diagnostics that give proactive information on everything from the engine to onboard connectivity hardware that deals with fleet management. 

Volvo Will Continue to Innovate

The company shows no signs of slowing down either. Volvo recently unveiled its first electric truck, which should usher in a whole new era for the company. Other truck manufacturers either have their own electric truck or are currently developing one.

Volvo's first electric truck will take a while to spread throughout Europe and then the rest of the world. In the meantime, the company will continue to produce and improve upon its current products. So, while Volvo Trucks takes a quick look back after 35 years, it certainly isn't slowing down.