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Today's Requirements of Heavy Truck Technicians

A heavy truck technician is someone who specializes in the maintenance and repair of heavy trucks such as semis, buses, construction vehicles and other types of heavy equipment. Heavy truck techs may also be called diesel mechanics. Certification is not required to work on heavy trucks, but certain employers may only hire certified technicians. An extensive knowledge of the operation and repair of diesel and gasoline engines, hydraulic systems and electrical systems is required to perform the duties of a heavy truck technician.

A heavy truck tech should also have knowledge of and be able to use diagnostic tools, including computer-based diagnostic software, multimeters, compression testers, fuel pressure gauges and battery testers. A good heavy truck tech will own a wide variety of quality hand and power tools to aid in the repair and maintenance process. Some employers only provide speciality tools and diagnostic equipment. A heavy truck technician is usually expected to have their own tools to begin work.

While certification isn't required to work as a heavy truck technician, it has many benefits. You will promote employer and customer trust, be eligible for higher-paying jobs and have indisputable proof that your knowledge and skills meet or exceed the standards of your profession.

Certification is obtained through the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, commonly referred to as the ASE. After receiving two years of relevant, hands-on work experience an individual will be eligible to take two of the eight tests in the medium-heavy truck test series. Upon passing the two tests an individual will receive the title of an ASE certified medium-heavy truck technician.