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New Ohio Bills Address Truck Driver Shortage

There continues to be a driver shortage in the trucking industry. According to the Ohio Trucking Association's CEO, Tom Balzar, there are 50,000 job openings in the US for truck drivers. Fortunately, Transport Topics reports that state government in Ohio is working to create laws that address the shortage.

Recently, legislatures in the house and senate introduced several bills that aim to attract and retain men and women interested in transiting to truck driving careers. These are three bills that, if they pass, will help future truck drivers in Ohio:

  1. Help with insurance for young drivers under 25. Currently, one of the biggest hurdles for young truck drivers hoping to move into the industry is the cost of insurance. It's difficult for truck drivers under 25, and especially for drivers under 21, to get insured. When they do find insurance, the cost is often prohibitively expensive, and insurance companies often limit the percentage of young drivers they'll insure in the company. Rep. Niraj Antani's bill will help companies find ways to find and afford insurance for their young truck drivers.
  2. Assistance with the cost of truck school education. Some would-be truck drivers would love to attend trucking school and get certified but are unable to afford the cost. Another proposed bill would give up to $1000 future drivers $2500 in scholarships and $2500 in student loans to go towards attending trucking school. Companies who train new drivers would receive tax credits of up to $25,000.
  3. Making it easier for veterans to become truck drivers. Many military veterans drive trucks and haul cargo during their service. Sen. Frank LaRose's bill would make it easier for veterans to move those transferable skills into a civilian career as a truck driver.

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