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Truck Bodies And Equipment: Platform And Stake Body Trucks

One of the most important things to consider when you begin your search for a new or used truck is the style of body that you need. Depending on the type of job you have, certain body styles have major advantages over others and by learning more about the benefits of specific body styles, you will have a head start when you start your search. In this piece, we will be focusing on two styles of trucks that excel in both hauling heavy loads, as well as maintaining load versatility.

The Platform Body

Platform style bodies are excellent choices for individuals and businesses that need a truck with heavy hauling capabilities. Platform body trucks excel at hauling things like brick, lumber, and other heavy materials.

This body style is both lightweight and durable, providing the ability to handle heavy loads without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Platform body trucks also offer the ability to haul heavy and expensive equipment from one job site to another. Depending on your needs, these types of trucks can handle almost all of your medium to commercial grade demands, making them an excellent choice for many professionals.


The Stake Body

Similar to the platform body, stake body trucks provide ultimate versatility by combining the hauling capabilities of a platform with an enclosed fence-style barrier around the truck bed. By adding this barrier, these truck bodies can accommodate loose and tall loads with ease. Because of this, agricultural, landscaping, and construction industry professionals prefer this style.


If you have to haul loads of varying sizes, a stake body, or combination platform/stake option could be just what you are looking for. Taking these tips into consideration the next time you are in the market for a new truck will help ensure that you find the right truck for the job.