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Semi, Heavy and Medium Duty Truck Giant Supports Driver Safety Initiatives

Volvo Trucks is a semi, heavy and medium duty truck brand our team has long recognized and respected. It’s why we eagerly display their vehicles in our inventory as often as possible. But fine-running machines aren’t the only reasons why we feel the way we do about Volvo. We’re also impressed by their ongoing work with the American Trucking Industry.

They stepped up to sponsor one of the industry group’s best initiatives, America’s Road Team. We’re sure you’ve heard of it or noticed some team members out on the road. The team itself is composed of semi, heavy and medium duty truck drivers who’ve excelled at their craft much like the staff at Volvo Trucks. Each year a new group is chosen and feted over thanks to invested companies including our partners at Volvo.

This year, a number of transportation companies were honorably represented. However, less than 20 made the cut. Among them were delivery giants FedEx and UPS Freight. You can read more about them and the others who made the list by checking out the American Trucking Association’s press release, which was distributed in early January 2017. Understandably, the team’s driving records were of prime importance to Volvo Trucks’ management. They’ve always kept an eagle-eye out for potential safety hazards and it shows in everything they do, including cab design.

Accordingly, their long list of standard features boasts driver-side air bags, drop down engines, collapsible steering columns, active driver assist, enhanced stability tech, AV alert notifications and windshield mounted cameras.  As such, we can see why Volvo Trucks would look for the same dedication towards safety in anyone they choose to nationally recognize or do business with. To learn more about those great safety features and other superb ways our many partners are helping support drivers, please contact National Truck & Equipment Sales today.