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Increase Revenue With International's Diamond Edge Certification

In November 2015, International Trucks launched its Diamond Edge Certification program. Fleet owners and independent operators alike always cope with a basic reality - their rigs are their lifeblood. Reduced service times increase revenue, plain and simple.

International Trucks recognized the vital importance of prompt maintenance and service, so it created a certification program that identifies dealerships dedicated to improving service dwell times. Dwell time is defined as the amount of time period required for a customer to get a problem diagnosed, repaired and back in service.

Certification Standards

To receive International Trucks Diamond Edge Certification, dealers must:

  • Meet or exceed metrics regarding service dwell times
  • Offer customers accelerated service lanes that provide less than two-hour turnaround when a vehicle evaluation is required. This evaluation details the repair needed, parts  required, parts availability and estimated repair time
  • Be involved with the Dealership Inventory Alliance (DIA), which ensures availability of common parts
  • Automatically enter new vehicles into the remote diagnostics program - OnCommand Connection
  • Create long-term plans for ongoing service improvements

Reduced Dwell Times Offer Serious Savings

As Mark Reiter, Navistar Vice President for Customer Support, says, “Customers are saving significant time and money when they service their trucks and buses at one of our Diamond Edge Certified dealers." Reiter estimates that companies and independent operators are generating an extra $1,000 or so every day that a truck is not being serviced.

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Carolina International is a proud recipient of the Diamond Edge Certification from International Trucks. Anytime you require prompt, friendly and professional assistance, please contact us.