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Where Is the Nationwide Truck Parking Information System?

With Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) required in all trucks now, long-haul drivers now face even more desperate need for a nation-wide system that let them know where are safe places to park to end the workday as not to violate the hours of service (HOS) limits. International Roadcheck focus for 2018 is Hours-of-Service (HOS). This is cutting into a driver's productivity. According to American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), a driver spends an average of 56 minutes of revenue drive time every day looking for parking. 

The problem is spilling onto all roads and towns along the major corridors all over the country, as truckers find any place they can park, even unsafe neighborhoods. In 2009, Jason Rivenburg parked at an abandoned gas station in South Carolina and was killed for $7.00, leaving his widow to give birth to twins days later. This lead to the creation of Jason's Law in 2012 to create more commercial parking spots along major highways. On the other hand, truck drivers are taking the matter into their own hands. In Oakland, California in 2017, a truck driver assaulted a man for taking up his parking space. 

While there are both public and private efforts to provide some solutions, they are all piecemeal. A Federal fund was able to start an 8-state initiative with Iowa putting sensors in rest areasso it can show up in its 511 system. Other states are expected to follow. Private truck stop chains such as Travel Centers of America and Pilot / Flying J have spot reservation programs. However, a full nation-wide truck parking information system where one driver can get immediate information on where to park anywhere in the continental US is still years away. 

Here at Carolina International, we are always looking out for your safety. While we can't help you find a parking spot, we can help you keep your fleet on the road. Give us a call, or drop in to see how we are your one-stop shop for your truck service needs.