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Driving Safe Across America's Dangerous Highways

The team at Carolina International is always looking for the best solutions for our customers. Offering important information to all truck drivers across the United States is another way we hope to give route solutions in regards to highway safety. Although there are times when it is not possible, avoiding dangerous highways is important to any fleet manager and their truck drivers.

Found on American Trucker"10 most dangerous roads for truckers" by Fisher, J. (2017, November 17) reports that the holiday season, noted to be from Wednesday before Thanksgiving until January 1st, is a period when certain highways saw more increased traffic with more accident volume using data from 2013 through 2016. Having awareness of these reported routes, we hope that the 2018 holiday season will have fewer accident statistics reported involving our big rigs on these busy highways.

  • Alabama I-10 
  • Florida I-95 
  • Idaho HWY-75 
  • Arkansas I-40
  • Florida US-1
  • Michigan M-20
  • Nebraska I-80
  • Colorado HWY-5
  • Maryland I-70
  • South Carolina SC-35

Fisher also reports some very alarming DOT statistics with "over half of the trucks involved had at least one vehicle defect and thirty percentage were caused by equipment failure." The weather was reported to be the least factor with rain being the worst weather condition to cause accidents.

What our industry's truck drivers have reported being the most dangerous highways is found on TruckingIndustry.News. "Truckers Name America's 10 Most Dangerous Roads" by Ritter, J. (2017, April 4) reports information gathered by the Department of Transportation based on truck drivers' experiences. 

  • Arizona I-10
  • Connecticut I-95
  • Alaska Dalton HWY
  • Montana HWY 2
  • Colorado 550
  • Arizona & California I-15
  • California Route 138
  • South Carolina I-26
  • Fort Wayne to Toledo US 24
  • North Carolina US 129

What is very interesting following this article are all the comments from other truck drivers citing other roads that they feel are dangerous. 

There are a couple of important points to take away from these articles that may offer solutions to the driver safety.

  • Dangerous roads and hazardous conditions stretch across the United States. It is imperative to maintain your fleet to keep them in the best operating condition possible. 
  • During the holiday season, look for alternative routes for the highways that have shown increased traffic and accidents in the past. 

Carolina International cannot control the dangers of the roadway systems, but we do offer the best maintenance solutions for your entire fleet. Our multiple locations across South Carolina offer highly qualified service and maintenance. Give us a call, or drop in to see how we are your one solution for all of your trucking needs. We want everyone on the roads to stay safe.