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In Trucking, Innovation is Key and Leasing Makes it Happen

Diesel technology has experienced exponential development over the last few years with added sensors, Diesel Exhaust Fuel systems, and the Diesel Particulate Filter to name just a few of the advancements, all contributing to a more efficient, quieter, and cleaner burning diesel engine. With all of these innovations, however, it requires more skill from a diesel technician to diagnose and repair a diesel engine. It's easy to see how the cost of ownership increases, making it necessary for a well thought out strategy to determine whether owning or leasing is best for you.

Owning Versus Leasing

Obviously, a single truck or fleet has to be managed efficiently through administrative duties and preventive maintenance, all the while maintaining profitability. Therefore, the trucks have to be on the road working, which means there is no time for downtime. This will lead some owners to consider the benefits of leasing.

Not only are you getting top-of-the-line trucks, like International, Idealease also offers a full-service option that includes professional vehicle maintenance and things like 24/7 roadside service which decreases costs and improves uptime. This option is available at a fixed, guaranteed monthly fee. That means no hidden charges, making it easy to budget. Most impressively, Idealease customers, using their full-service lease option, report experiencing 98 percent vehicle uptime!

Ownership to Leasing

So, what do you do if you already own your truck or fleet and want to experience the benefits of leasing? Idealease can help you transition from owning to leasing with a buyout program. This will allow you to take advantage of Idealease programs and services. Even though trucks do decrease in value, Idealease finds the equity in your truck to make a transition into leasing.

Idealease can also help you with the important decision making and benefits of leasing a truck by providing the following services:

  • Helping to dispose of the used truck
  • Pricing and financing of the new truck
  • Handling the administrative duties like truck licensing, fuel tax reporting, and regulation compliance
  • Maintenance services
  • Tertiary services like washing, rentals, and fuel programs

Innovations in diesel technology happen so frequently it is almost impossible to have the latest and greatest. And for owners, managing the latest technology increases costs and that's bad for business. Commercial leasing is one way to ensure you have top-of-the-line trucks while managing costs.

Contact one of our leasing experts today to determine the best Idealease product like a full-service lease, equity lease, or maintenance program.