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Keep Your Engine Hydrated And Your Truck Moving

Every vehicle owner should know that oil changes are important to the performance of a vehicle. Will Maley's "What Happens When You Skip Oil Changes?," found on U.S. News & World Report, explains how important oil is to your truck. When oil changes are skipped, you're taking the chance of something breaking under the hood. If you don't fully understand all the purposes that oil has, you may think that the oil level is the only item that needs to be monitored.

Maley reports on the "sludge" that oil becomes when it gets old. At this point, the oil is not able to freely flow between all the metal parts that need to be lubricated. The author also stresses that oil helps move particles out of the different parts. If you don't have a routine oil change, the oil breaks down and the particles eventually get deposited elsewhere. Erosion may begin to occur leading to broken parts that may lead to expensive repairs. 

Carolina International has invested in on-site oil analyzers that allow customers to know where a truck stands with respect to its oil life. We are the only dealer in South Carolina to offer this service. To keep your truck hydrated and on-the-move, we have put together our Carolina Service Express packages. 

Another key factor to keep your truck moving is the importance of routine engine maintenance. Found on American Trucker, Sean Kilcarr's "Preventive Maintenance Strategies" immediately reports how important it is to establish a solid maintenance plan for your equipment. He also explains that the technically savvy trucks still need the mechanical parts serviced on a routine basis. Carolina International has put together great Engine Maintenance packages. Our maintenance team is highly trained, and it is our employees that put us above the rest.

Carolina International Trucks is always honored to be your full-service provider for your entire fleet. No matter what make or model you have, contact us and let us help you keep your business moving forward.