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How to Become a Heavy Truck Technician

The trucking and shipping industry continues to be a very important industry that affects all people on a daily basis.  For those that are looking for a job with strong pay and plenty of room for future job growth, becoming a heavy truck technician could be a great option.  In order to become a heavy truck technician, there are several requirements that need to be met first.  

Complete Necessary Education

The first step in becoming a technician is to complete your necessary education. Most employers today will want to ensure that you have some education in the field beyond high school. You can normally complete a heavy diesel or truck technician program at either a community college or technical school, many of which may be completed within just a couple of years.


While you are completing your program, you will need to receive some on the job training through an apprenticeship program. Through these programs you will receive first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the job. These are typically paid positions and will also help to ensure you are able to receive a full-time job thereafter.


While it is not necessarily required, those that are looking grow in the field should receive additional certification.  After you have two years of field experience, the National Institute for Automotive Service will allow you to qualify for ASE certification. 

Going forward, due to continued changes to the technology in trucks, it would be wise to continue to seek ways to further your education.  You can contact us to learn more about how you can pursue a career as a heavy truck technician.