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Mitsubishi Fuso's Trucks Are Getting Smarter

Most of the smart technology taking center stage in the trucking market involve electronic logging devices (ELDs) that monitor drive times and compliance with regulations. Recent advances have also focused on better GPS and maps tailored to information that truck drivers need. But Mitsubishi FUSO is focusing on what individual drivers need from smarter trucks, and those new features have come out with their new truck control app.

What does Mitsubishi Fuso's new app control?

The first control is safety for long drives: drivers can change the lights, suspension and vehicle height, and music more easily. This can help drivers who start to notice a bit of highway hypnosis or tiredness near the end of their trip. These changes can also be made inside and outside of the truck via phone, so drivers can make changes while on a break to reduce eye strain from lighting changes.

The app also allows for easier monitoring. Tire pressure is a continual vulnerability to semi-trucks on long journeys because of both weather changes across multiple regions and elevation changes. The app can alert drivers when tire pressure dips too low in the middle of a trip. Poor tire pressure not only wears out tires faster, leading to increased costs, but they increase a car's braking time, reduce turning responsiveness, and are more likely to get punctures.

A lot of increased technology has added frustration to individual drivers' routines, but a new focus on smart sensors and remote access could change that. For more Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino, and International Trucks news, go to Carolina International here.