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Carolina International Trucks’ Team Excited Over International Brand News

Our Carolina International Team was excited to learn about the results of the 2017 North American Commercial Vehicle Show. It ended in late September and by all media accounts, it went extremely well but that's not the best part. The best part of the show was the brand news. It included a look at what's going on at International® Trucks, who happens to be one of our favorite manufacturers.

They're knee-deep in producing commercial trucks for their new series, the HV™. For Carolina International customers who didn't make it to the show, the series keystone is the big bore engine. We know, big bore engines are nothing new and over the years, their popularity has fluctuated. Case in point, another one of our favorite brands was talking about them on their company blog. Take a look at this post by Cummins for verification.

Of course we're not here to talk about Cummins' engines today, even though they're in line with other top engines. We want to talk about International® Truck's A26. It's a 12.4 Liter sure to gain a "thumbs up" from trucking industry accountants, owners and shareholders. Why would accountants, owners and shareholders be excited about a commercial truck engine? Simply put, it's got a B-Life Rating of 10, extended oil change service schedule and OnCommand remote diagnostic capabilities. Accordingly, upkeep costs associated with the series' rigs should be minimal.

Reduced repair costs and time lost understandably translates to the potential for a beefier bottom line for investors. And let's not forget that commercial drivers appreciate low maintenance rigs too. The less time their rigs have to spend time being the serviced, the more time they can spend on the road, doing what they love. To learn more about the high quality engines found in the brands we carry, please contact our Carolina International Trucks' Team today.