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Heavy Truck And Diesel Technicians In Demand

With the increased technology involved in today's diesel engines qualified technicians are in more demand than ever. The field of heavy truck and diesel technician has a job outlook expected to show above-average growth over the next seven years.

Heavy truck and diesel technicians perform duties including consulting with customers as well as completing repairs. They may discuss the results of a vehicle inspection with a customer one moment and work on an electrical system the next. Technicians must have proficiency in reading technical manuals, as well as correctly analyzing diagnostic reports.

While certification is not a requirement to work in the field, many employers prefer technicians who have attended a community college or technical school and have certification or a degree. Maintenance and repair of Diesel engines and heavy truck components are becoming increasingly complicated with many shops embracing technology such as hand-held or laptop diagnostic tools.

Growth in the field will exceed 12% over the next seven years, higher growth than the average for all occupations. Technicians that have postsecondary education and strong technical skills will have the most significant opportunity in the field, followed high school graduates of accredited automotive programs. The heavy truck and diesel field also offer the chance to earn above-average salaries with technicians earning from just under $30,000 to over $67,000 a year in may of 2016.

Advancements in heavy truck and diesel technology will continue, making diagnosis and repair more difficult and requiring the need for highly skilled technicians. Technicians who become experts will take advantage of specialized and secondary training and are essential to the trucking industry.

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