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Keeping Up With HeavyTruck Maintenance

It is ultimately the driver's responsibility to make sure his semi-truck and heavy equipment are safe for operations. A pre-trip inspection before the start of each shift can save you a lot of money and time in the end. In some cases a pre-trip inspection could even save your life. If you feel like keeping up with your truck's maintenance might seem more of a chore, we've got some tips to make that task a bit easier.

Moving Points

Almost every part of your semi-truck has a point that needs to be greased. While your greasing these points you can also check to see if anything is loose or needs repair.


Keeping the tires properly inflated not only extends the tread-life of a tire, it also increases efficiency and saves money at the fuel pump. Make sure you have an accurate pressure gauge. Check tire pressure daily, on the truck, trailer and mounted spare if the truck has one. Make sure the tires are free from any nails or cuts before leaving the yard and every 24 hours while your on the road.


It is important to check the oil before each trip. Semi-trucks use plenty of oil, and neglecting this simple step can lead to costly delays and repairs in the future.

Fuel Vent

A blocked fuel vent can lead to inaccurate fuel readings. Insects that sometimes build nest in the fuel vent can lead to poor engine performance and delays in the long run.

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