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International's New Driver-Centric LT Series

Driver-centric: The Most Important Part of the Truck is the Driver

With all the recent hype about autonomous technology and self-driving trucks, it’s refreshing to see International put the focus of trucking where it should be: on today's driver. They’ve just introduced the new 2018 LT series with their driver-centric concept, making the needs of the driver the design’s highest priority.

Fuel Efficient Aerodynamics and State of the Art Safety

International has overlooked no detail in its successful quest to make the LT Series the most fuel efficient truck they’ve ever put on the road. They’ve covered everything from pedestal mirrors to fender shape, bumper configuration, and gap-closing cab extenders to maximize the LT’s fuel efficiency by an incredible 9%. The Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision mitigation system comes standard on every LT series truck.

Build Your Own LT Series Online

The driver-centric approach maximizes driver comfort and uptime because the LT can be customized to suit each individual operator’s specific needs for the road. The “build your own” program at International’s website offers an incredible number of choices.

Engine choice is between the 475 hp A26 or for extra muscle the 565 hp Cummins X15. Eaton manual transmissions come from 9 to 18 speed, and there are 4 other Eaton transmission options. Cab styles range from the flat top 56” low rise to the 73” Skyrise, and there's also a day cab option. Interiors, fuel tanks, wheels, transmissions, paint color, and more can all be selected to order. THe program has a click and drag function for 360-degree viewing of your custom LT truck creation. When you're satisfied you can even request a quote.

But you don’t need to read more about it here to get the “driver-centric” idea. Click this link now to build your own new International LT Series truck and see for yourself.

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