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Semi Truck Leasing

Whether you're currently an owner-operator or you're contracted under a carrier, overseeing a large truck fleet is just a matter of breaking down the business path into achievable steps. But some of the biggest obstacles are in those first few jumps in size: from zero trucks to one, from one to two, and from two to three or four. After that, you can start to build your fleet faster and faster until you have reached your goal. Here's how to systematically achieve those first few leaps in your business.

  • Start your fleet by leasing your first and second trucks. Even though owning a large fleet might be your dream, go for a test drive before you invest in ownership; you might find that you like driving more than managing or that you want a smaller fleet than you had projected. Leasing gives you the flexibility to make fast changes in your business plan without a long commitment that damages your business's bottom line during the vulnerable first years.
  • Scale your business without the risk of ownership. Every business, no matter what sector it's in, requires liquid capital, and if you're investing in your own business that's even more critical. Leasing options through Idealease include options from simple rentals to full service leasing so you can focus on building your client base and your cash flow without worrying about a devastating breakdown. Full service leasing also helps with tax reporting and compliance requirements so your knowledge can grow with your business.

Fully owning a fleet of trucks before you solidify your base of shippers and reliable loads is a risk, and it's a risk you don't have to face. Start building your fleet with contracted semi trucks through Idealease so you can experiment with the size of your business and your business plan as a whole.