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Michelin Introduces Airless Concept Tire

Imagine a future without tire pressure monitoring and blowouts. On Wednesday, June 14, Michelin introduced an airless concept tire that eliminates both. “Vision” is an organic design that combines the wheel and tire into one.

Michelin introduced Vision at Movin’On,  a global summit for sustainable mobility in that brought 3,000 participants together from 35 countries. The event was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  

Light, Efficient Structure

Terry Gettys, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Michelin, says the design is “inspired by nature with a very light, efficient structure.” Vision is both solid in the middle and flexible along the perimeter.

Advanced modeling provides a complex architecture that simultaneously ensures utility, safety and comfort, while 3D printing makes the design a reality. 3D printing allows for customization of tread designs according to user requirements. It also optimizes the amount of rubber used in each tire.

Diverse Materials 

The Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) reports that Michelin made every effort to maximize the use of biodegradable materials in its design. The concept tire incorporates a rather exotic combination of materials, including natural rubber, bamboo, hay and molasses. It also uses cellulose-based materials - wood, cardboard and even paper. A Vision tire also uses recycled materials like electronic waste, plastic waste and tin cans.  

Real-time updates regarding the tire’s condition occur as strategically placed sensors continually monitor key parameters. The sensors integrate with a mobile app to provide vital information about performance. 

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