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Maintenance Tips For Heavy Truck Cooling Systems

The powerful diesel engines responsible for moving heavy trucks across the country require properly functioning cooling systems for optimum performance and extended life spans.

In the summer, blistering heat demands the very best that cooling systems can deliver. Stop-and-go traffic in hot weather puts a further strain on the cooling system. Stopping and starting in construction zones and traffic jams requires that your cooling system be in tip-top shape.

Cooling System Checkups

It is ideal to check your rig’s coolant when any one of these metrics is first achieved:

  • 20,000 miles driven
  • 500 operating hours
  • Three months’ time

Make sure that equal parts of coolant and water are circulating throughout the system. Replace the coolant before it wears out. The color of coolant is important, as it often points to possible problems. Check to see if the coolant is:

  • Discolored
  • Cloudy
  • Loaded with particulates

Although a radiator's condition of the is of utmost concern, don't overlook the hose, fan clutch, fan shrouds and radiator mounts. Look for any signs of damage, debris and corrosion.

Pressure Washing and More

Attend to both the interior and the exterior of your rig’s cooling system. For example, Pressure wash the radiator and the condenser from the engine side, and from the top down, to dislodge debris. Don’t overlook the corners of the fan shroud, and be careful around the fins and fan blades.

Many breakdowns are an avoidable unnecessary expense. During the busy travel months of summer, breakdowns often pose a significant safety hazard as well. Proper preventative maintenance improves the chances for a safe and productive summer.

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