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3 Options for Full Service Truck Leasing

Commercial truck ownership is becoming more and more costly in both time and money. That's why leasing programs are beginning to look like the better financing option for business owners. On top of the financial flexibility, full-service leasing programs are taking the maintenance burden out of your hands. There are a few different options when choosing full-service leasing programs.

Full Service Lease

full-service lease can provide you with the newest and best equipment without repeatedly having to purchase trucks outright. They can also help to improve cash flow by giving you fixed maintenance costs as well as a greater amount of running time due to thorough scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance.

Full Service Equity Lease

There is still a lease option for those companies that have to own their equipment for application and tax reasons. A full service equity lease combines the benefits of a full service standard lease with the depreciation tax benefits of vehicle ownership. While you still own the trucks, you can benefit from the guaranteed monthly maintenance costs of a standard full service lease. Some leasing companies even provide an end-of-term trade in program so that you can also upgrade to newer and better equipment.

Ownership to Lease Transitions

Even if you already own your fleet there is a leasing option available. Ownership-to-lease transitions provide the opportunity to move your fleet into a lease program. This can unlock the equity that has been tied up in your equipment by creating a buyout of your current equipment and then either leasing the same equipment back to you or replacing them with newer and better vehicles. Once the fleet has been transitioned into a lease, your business will then have the benefits of a full-service lease.

Lease programs allow the business owner to move some of the operational burden and maintenance headaches to the hands of other professionals so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Contact Carolina International today for more information on lease programs and expertise on the trucking industry.