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Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Savings With Cummins New OilGuard Program

Using Cummins’ new OilGuard program, it is now possible to extend oil drain intervals up to 80,000 miles for those operating the X15 Efficiency Series and X15 Performance Series engines. OilGuard improves oil drain intervals by analyzing engine oil and engine performance information.

How it Works

To participate in the OilGuard program, fleets work with Cummins to select a group of test vehicles. They then agree to submit oil samples and engine data at predetermined intervals, covering at least the period covered by two regular change intervals. To attain an 80,000-mile interval, a customer is required to submit samples every 10,000 miles. Cummins sends free sample kits and prepaid mailers to those who wish to participate. Oil analysis is also free.

Once Cummins identifies an optimized oil drain interval, it is included in the maintenance required to preserve warranty coverage. In some cases, Cummins will request follow-up testing to verify that a given extended oil change interval is still appropriate. If operating conditions change, the engine drain interval might be changed as well.

Use of an Approved Engine Oil

To participate in the program, fleets must use an FA-4 or CK-4 engine oil approved by Cummins. Owners using OilGuard can extend oil change intervals without putting Cummins engine warranty coverage at risk. They will enjoy added peace-of-mind in knowing that resale value and the durability of engine components are protected.

Initially, Cummins is making its OilGuard program available on its X15 engines. However, the company eventually expects to expand the program to include other engines as well.

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