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Garage or Workshop Cluttered?

Mobile Storage: Perfect Solution to Organize Any Space

Equipment Leasing Solutions is always looking for great ways to help customers solve space and storage problems. Many people love to tinker, and they end up turning their garages into cluttered workshops. Why not use one of our mobile storage trailers or containers to organize and leave room for your automobile? 

Many businesses have workshops that are full of clutter. Too many tools, equipment, and materials without a proper place to call home. Why not use one of our mobile storage trailers or containers as your solution to organizing your work area? By organizing your assets and materials, your business may run in a more efficient manner.

Simple Ideas: Easily Organize Your Work Space

Initially, use one of our mobile storage units to store everything from your working space. Now you can set up an organized work area with creative ideas. There are some innovative, storage solutions as found on the Family Handyman in its article, "Instant Storage Solutions." What is nice about some of these suggestions is that you may already have the materials available, or you may be able to use one of the ideas to create a solution of your own. These ideas allow you to recycle household items saving you money and also saving our environment. 

  • Turning "electrical junction boxes" into storage bins is such a great idea.
  • A "plastic lattice rack" is a quick way to organize many stick-like items that can be easily slipped into the rack and taken out. 
  • Turn a simple piece of "PVC pipe (3' to 4')" to organize bungee cords that are easily seen for quicker selection. 
  • Recycle "plastic jars" in a couple of ways to easily hold nails, screws and other items that are needed in bulk.
  • Place your shop rags in an "overhead dispenser" that saves on counter space.
  • Recycle empty, plastic jugs for "portable storage" after cutting a portion of the plastic. 
  • "Pegboards" are great for organizing many items.
  • "Magnetic mini storage" are easily constructed using see-through, plastic containers.

Once you have your workspace organized, use our storage trailer to house those items that you don't use every day and take up a lot of space. Installing modular shelves inside of the mobile storage unit will help you organize your tools and equipment.

Equipment Leasing Solutions: Ready to Deliver the Solution

The team at Equipment Leasing Solutions is ready to deliver our perfect solution for all your space and storage needs in the Central Ohio area. We are here and always happy to work with you.