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Shipping Container Uses

Equipment Leasing Solutions - Mobile Storage When You Need It

Equipment Leasing Solutions has the storage solutions you need when you need it. Our inventory has trailers and shipping containers for rent. Shipping containers have become a newsmaker for sure in the last several years as these heavy, steel boxes are being converted into all kinds of livable dwellings. 

Shipping Containers Have Become the Big Legos

Have you ever played with Legos? When you think about it, shipping containers kind of resemble the small, plastic construction pieces. Recently, CNBC  gave a dynamic review on how shipping containers are making an impact on the construction industry in "How this shipping container business is attempting to flip the construction industry on its head" by Scolaro, C.M. (2018, October 18). The company, SG Blocks, formed approximately 11 years ago to begin repurposing the millions of shipping containers, and it is referencing itself as "a one-stop-shop construction platform for consumers looking for longer-lasting, greener, less-expensive dwellings." The backlog that SG Blocks now has is unbelievable. Who would have thought that these bulky, steel boxes would be the basis for such amazing and creative structures.?

Rental Trailers and Containers Make Great, Temporary Solutions for any Storage Need

The team at Equipment Leasing Solutions is here to quickly deliver one of our mobile, storage units to you. When you need a simple, storage solution, we are ready to deliver.  

  • Winter is coming. Store all your outdoor furniture, toys, and yard maintenance equipment away. You may want to leave out the shovels for the snow.
  • Farms and ranches can benefit from placing a few storage units around the land.
    • Great for keeping hay dry.
    • Great for storing fencing products and tools.
    • Great for storing small equipment.
  • Businesses benefit with storage in close proximity.
  • Homeowners can use temporary storage before undertaking major cleaning or renovation projects.
  • Construction sites can lock up expensive equipment.

The best thing about mobile storage is when you are done, we are there to pick it up. When you need a quick and easy, storage solution, call the team at Equipment Leasing Solutions.