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Mobile Storage: Preparing for Winter

Central Ohio's Quick and Easy Storage Solutions

Equipment Leasing Solutions is here to offer quick, easy and hassle-free mobile storage. Winter is coming, and it can bring extreme temperatures differences. It is important to prepare your summer items for storage during the cold months.

Moisture Control 

Moisture can be a problem at any time of the year, and extreme temperature changes contribute to moisture build-up. You can use simple items to help keep moisture down in your storage unit as found on SFGate such as "kitty litter or charcoal briquettes."

Plastic Container Preparation 

Many of us like to use plastic, storage containers in place of cardboard to keep out pest and rodents. When moisture has a chance to enter your plastic container, it can lead to mildew. Found on Hunker, "How to Prevent Mildew in Plastic Storage Containers" by Yisela, M., gives you a natural way to help prepare your plastic containers to ward off moisture-causing mildew. All you need is white vinegar, a plastic, spray bottle, grapefruit seed extract, and cotton balls. 

Additional Flooring Can Help Keep Moisture Out

Adding down an inexpensive, wood floor can also help to deter moisture build-up in the storage unit. Another solution would be to use pallets that would also help keep items from being directly on the floor. 

Avoid Insect Damage 

Moths are not the only pests that can damage fabrics. Learning more about these pests will help you keep your stored clothing and fabric items safe from these damaging pests.

Pests That Damage Clothes and Fabrics

When you're changing out your wardrobes from the warmer months to the colder months, it is important to store clothes that are clean and dry. Damp clothes can lead to moisture. Dirty clothes or clothes that have not been worn and washed may be prone to insect damage. Found on The Spruce, you find that moths are not the only pest that can ruin your clothing.

Keeping the Pests Away

Most of us know the effectiveness that cedar has over Moths. There are also other natural ways to help keep your clothes safe from bugs. The Spruce also outlines organic means for keeping your clothes safe from those clothes-damaging insects. 

Storing Other Summer Items

Anything you are going to put in your mobile storage should be cleaned and prepared for proper storage. Here are some great tips for storing your summer items so that they are ready to use once the winter months come to an end. 

The Best Mobile Storage Solution in Central Ohio

Equipment Leasing Solutions is Central Ohio's mobile storage solution. We have different lengths of storage trailers as well as 20' and 40' shipping containers. Short-term or long-term, we will work with you for all of your mobile storage needs. We're always happy to be your solution for your storage needs.