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Designing Your Very Own Container Home

Equipment Leasing Solutions is Central Ohio's premier solution for trailer and container storage units. A growing trend around the world is using shipping containers for homes. If you have been contemplating designing your very own container home, we have gathered some information to help you organize a plan. As part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, a major part of our business is helping our customers find solutions.

Before You Buy A Shipping Container To Call Home

A recent article that should help is found on the website homify"9 things you should know before building a container home" by Van Graan, J. (2018, June 13) gives you a short list to begin your container home plan.

  • Insulating your container home is important to research, and we have more information further down in this blog. 
  • There are different types of containers, and we carry 20' and 40' standard height containers.
  • Be sure you know your local buildings regulations and restrictions.
  • Commit to a design before you begin cutting. Here are some container home designs.
  • Cutting too much can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Look over the container before buying one. We're always happy to show you the containers we have in our inventory.
  • We don't have "one-trip" containers, but we do carry new and used ones at competitive, market prices.
  • Understand a container's structure and its load-bearing walls before you begin cutting.
  • Be sure you consider the effects that Mother Nature may play at the location you are considering placing your new home.

Insulating Your Container Home

Insulation is definitely a major feature you must research to keep your unique home a comfortable place to live. Found on the rise - Your Home, Built With Purpose, "Container Home Insulation - 4 Ways to Insulate a Container Home" gives you options to consider.

  • "Spray foam insulation" is one possible, easier solution, but be sure to note the cons of spray foam insulation. Another article that may help you reports fiberglass is commonly used.
  • "Recycled jeans" and other cotton sourced, used clothing is an interesting possibility, but the wetness factor could be an issue. 
  • "Wool insulation" offers a better solution to not having to worry about the effect of water.
  • "Cork insulation" comes from cork tree bark. It is noted to be both a renewable and biodegradable resource, and it has good acoustical properties.

Equipment Leasing Solutions Has Shipping Containers For Sale

When you want to purchase a shipping container, new or used, for a permanent dwelling, we are here to help you with our quick and hassle-free service. It's always a pleasure to help you. Give us call, or drop in to see what containers we have for you.