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Summer Heat Is Here, Beware Of 'Cargo Sweat'

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Now that we're in the heat of the summer, we want to continue to remind customers to be on the lookout for condensation inside of your storage units. In one of our May blogs, we reviewed what to consider when storing furniture and that you want to head off condensation. With our summer heat climbing during the day, and the nights bringing cooler temperatures, it is important to check inside your storage units for unwanted condensation.

Although you're not shipping containers across the seas and going from tropical weather to cooler weather, you want to beware of condensation or "cargo sweat" as the shipping industry calls it and the cause. Found on Mohawk Global Logistics"It's Raining Inside My Container!" by Roche, R. is a very interesting article of what shippers must take into consideration. 

Note how the author reviews the importance of what products are being stored and how much moisture they may hold that could be released upon cooler temperatures. If you're storing items that can easily absorb moisture, you may want to use a desiccant as a solution.

Another interesting and informative write-up on desiccants is found at Litco International, Inc., "How to Prevent Excessive Cargo Container Condensation and Product Damage With Desiccants." Pressed wood pallets are noted to be the better choice since they have a low percentage of moisture content. Utilizing desiccants gives you a better chance of holding off condensation damage. "Common desiccants include silica, activated charcoal, calcium sulfate, and calcium chloride." If you have the chance of condensation problems, using a desiccant product is an effective way to alleviate damage. As noted, "it is imperative to use enough of the material to achieve best results."

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