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Shipping Containers Continue To Be In The News

Equipment Leasing Solutions, a division of the Robertson Truck Group, brings customers, old and new, mobile storage options in the Central Ohio area. While many people are utilizing storage trailers or containers for storage, people are continuing to discover more and more daily uses for used, shipping containers. 

An Illinois farmer visualized a great idea that gave him a simple solution. He used an old shipping container to be the "support beam" of a storage building as seen in a May 2018 Farm Show article, "Storage Shed Built Around Used Shipping Container."

The days of the minimalist have arrived. People are realizing the benefits of living small. Found on Boss Magazine"Shipping Container Homes Take Over The Tiny Living Movement"reports people have discovered a way to own a home without large debt looming over their heads if they can live in a 100 to 400 square foot dwelling. People are discovering a refreshing way to simply live in these small and sturdy containers. 

The unique ideas transforming these used, intermodal containers are becoming more and more prevalent as seen in an article in Marine Insight"Top 26 Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers" by Mehnazd (2017 October 7) reports on twenty-six customized ideas that are being used in different industries around the world. This trend allows for quick and inexpensive solutions to solve important issues while also offering a green solution for our environment. The uses of these small, rectangular, steel boxes are totally fascinating.

Equipment Leasing Solutions is honored to be your first choice solution to all of your mobile storage needs. We offer simple and fast delivery whenever you need temporary or permanent, mobile storage. If you are thinking about creating your own shipping container unique dwelling, we have some in our used inventory for sale

It is always our pleasure to work with you. Give us a call, or drop in for a visit for all of your mobile storage needs.