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What To Consider When Storing Furniture In Mobile Storage

The Robertson Truck Group added Equipment Leasing Solutions so that our customers have storage solution options. We care about our customers, and we like to make life easier by sharing information that may help you with your storage questions. When you're considering storing heirloom pieces or expensive furniture, you will want to consider extreme weather temperatures and condensation.

On SFGate"How to Store Your Furniture With No Climate Control" by Tucker, K. gives you a list of items to help you prepare your home furnishings and storage container without climate control. 

  • Break down furniture into smaller parts to help alleviate damage when moving and storing furniture.
  • Prepare furniture fabrics to reduce mold problems with an antibacterial, fabric product. 
  • Wipe down wood furniture pieces and apply wax to help with moisture control.
  • Properly wrap furniture using plastic wrap or shrink wrap.
  • For electronics, using the original packaging and keeping them raised off the floor are your best options.
  • Metal items, such as brass, silver or nickel, should be polished and wrapped in plastic or shrink-wrapped. Note that silverware should be prepared differently.
  • Moisture-proof the storage container to make it a better environment for your belongings.
  • Beware of storing heirlooms and antique furniture in a non-climate controlled container in extreme weather situations.

For any of our customers who are looking to buy a shipping container for permanent storage options, here is a great article regarding condensation prevention. Found on ANL Containers Hire & Sales PTY LTD"Avoiding Condensation Damage to Furniture in a Standard ANL Container" is a good reference that gives you a variety of options to prepare a shipping container for furniture storage.

Equipment Leasing Solutions has a great inventory of storage trailers and shipping containers, and it is always our pleasure to work with you. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your storage needs.