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Storage Containers & Trailers: Fun & Interesting Facts From Around The World

Sometimes, we just cannot contain ourselves, and we need to pull a little fun roll out of storage. What a better way than to read some interesting and fun facts about storage trailers and containers. It may be historical, it may be fun, or it may just be plain crazy. 

Check out these fun facts found on Cleveland Containers from all the way "across the pond." "16 fun facts about containers"  (2016, February 1) has something that anyone might find interesting, and here are the ones we found quite interesting. 

  • A 40ft container, filled with toys, took a 10-month journey after falling into the Pacific and making landfall in Alaska.
  • If you are a shoe hog, you can store "8,000 shoeboxes in a 40ft storage trailer."
  • It's quite amazing what people can design out of a storage container. How about "a swimming pool"?
  • They are being used as mobile clinics after natural disasters.
  • How about an entire city made from storage containers, and it's called "Container City."
  • Have you ever heard of the container store in Zurich called "Freitag"? It's not like the "Container Store" we know in the U.S. 
  • A man actually went to sleep in a storage container. When he woke up, he discovered that he was stuck on a ship. He was not discovered for nine days, and he survived!
  • Imagine a three-month-old kitten trapped in a storage container for two weeks on a journey from China to America. It survived! 
  • If you love bananas, you will love to know that "745 million bananas can be shipped in 15,000 shipping containers." Can you imagine a shipping container full of banana pudding?

iContainer, headquartered in Barcelona Spain, shares "7 curious shipping container facts" (2017, May 25) that they say will blow your mind, and here are just a few that we have selected. 

  • It is a 50/50 split between rental versus owning of storage containers.
  • Chemical ISO tank containers are very restrictive to what can be carried next, and it all depends upon what was carried in the three previous shipments.
  • Maersk Shipping Lines has equipped all of its refrigerated containers with GPS. 

Royal Wolf, located in Australia and New Zealand, reports on "6 Crazy Things Found Inside Storage Containers" (2014, August 12) that are definitely interesting. You will want to read about "plastic bath toys, a Bond car, tear gas lipstick, a Harley Davidson, a stolen VW bus, and a functioning ecosystem." 

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