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Solving Your Storage Problem

The Robertson Truck Group Family realized another way to service customers was to offer on-site storage solutions. Adding Equipment Leasing Solutions also gives our customers a way to expand their business without the worry of having to begin a major building project. How do you know if you should select a shipping container versus a semi-trailer? 

Semi-trailer storage is the choice if you're going to be loading product or supplies from your loading dock, and you will be continually rotating your inventory. Our semi-trailers are your larger choices with 45', 48' and 53' options. You also have swing doors versus roll-up door options. 

Shipping container storage 

Shipping container storage is your smaller storage solutions that come in 20' and 40' lengths with 96" widths. It is easier to get in and out of these containers because they are ground level. If ground space is an issue, these are stackable. For many businesses, storing historical, paper records is a big dilemma. The shipping container is a great solution, and they were built to keep water seepage from occurring.

No matter what is causing the seams of your business to bulge, we have a great inventory of mobile storage units that we deliver right to you. The person that helps you select your storage is the person who will deliver. 

Whether you want to rent or purchase, our team will work with you. If you're looking to purchase permanent storage, we do carry new units that we will deliver with care. By purchasing one of our used containers, you are helping America recycle these large, metal bins.

There are some benefits to having a rental unit. You don't have to worry about the day you may no longer have the need for mobile storage. We will be there to quickly pick it up. You may realize you need a larger storage unit. We will work with you to make a swap-out that is convenient for you. Renting out these large, used receptacles is our way to help America recycle.

Equipment Leasing Solutions' team is here with quick and easy solutions for your on-site storage. It is always our honor to work with you. Together, we are helping America recycle.