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Storage Container Leasing When Your Business Booms

Storage containers come to the rescue when the building housing your business simply can't house the supplies you need. For seasonal flexibility or quick growth, a leased or rented container will fit needs rapidly when finding a new facility is a longer-term solution. 

One or more containers extend your facility immediately

Companies in all sectors take advantage of the container unit flexibility by renting from one to any number of containers for storage of finished goods or supplies and raw materials before taking on building expansions or moves. Storage containers can be put into use rapidly on the grounds of your operation or on a nearby lot. Containers can be moved as needed and may even be stacked.  Whenever a company needs to store extra materials, containers are more flexible than seeking available warehouses in your region.

Even if you don't expect extreme weather, containers are ready

Containers can take the adversity of the elements, whether on the open ocean, railroad tracks or the open highway. They are ready to protect your inventory or materials from the elements on your site for as long as you need them. The two standard sizes give you flexibility in determining your needs. The smaller 20-foot container is 8 feet in width, providing 1,300 cubic feet of storage. This container can take up as little as one parking place at your business. Need more storage?  The 40-foot container provides double storage.  

Make the move for versatile temporary storage by reaching out to Equipment Leasing Solutions in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We are central Ohio's specialists in trailer & container rental and leasing. Reach out to us to solve those storage challenges that come with business growing pains.