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Box Trailers and Containers for Commercial Storage

The Storage Leasing Advantage

Many commercial enterprises take advantage of container and trailer storage. Big box retailers like Home Depot and Walmart, as well as online merchants such as Amazon, all take advantage of the mobility that container and trailer storage provides to effectively manage fluctuating inventories.

These companies recognize the versatility advantages that container storage offers as opposed to fixed brick and mortar warehousing. While buying storage assets outright may be a viable option for some, small to midsize businesses can avail themselves of all the benefits of extra storage space without committing dollars to a permanent investment.

  • Versatility- Leasing storage space only when it is needed reduces overhead expenses. For retailers dealing with seasonal inventory surges, trailer or container storage rental provides the temporary storage solution they need to avoid paying for empty storage space in off-peak periods.
  • Mobility- Container storage conveniently places inventory where you want it when you want it. For on-site mobility, such as at construction sites where conditions are continually changing, box trailer storage can keep the job rolling along as materials and equipment are required at varied locations throughout the site.
  • Capacity- 45', 48', and 53' trailers are in stock and ready to pull off the yard, with a variety of door options to suit your storage and security needs. Sturdy shipping containers with hassle-free delivery are available in 20' to 40' lengths. 
  • Security- Trailers and shipping containers are much easier to lock and secure without extra doors and vulnerable windows to worry about. Shipping containers are originally constructed to withstand hurricane-force weather at sea, and box trailers are constructed to withstand the rigors of over-the-road travel making them the perfect choice for safe, secure portable storage.

At Equipment Leasing Solutions we have over 200 trailers and 100 containers in stock and ready to handle all of your commercial or individual storage needs, so don't hesitate to contact us.