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A Great Reason to Consider Trailer or Container Storage

Life is about change. Growing up is the obvious change, but change is an ongoing process throughout adulthood as well. Moving out of your childhood home, marriage, splitting ways, job changes, health challenges, the list of changes could go on.

What am I going to do with all my stuff?

The possible solutions list is probably much shorter than the list of changes you'll go through in a lifetime. Either you're going to get rid of your stuff (sell, give away, or trash) or your going to keep it.

If keeping it is the preference, there's a good possibility that you won't be able to move it all at once. Maybe you don't have enough space where you're going and it's temporary anyway. Maybe you've got the perfect refrigerator for your dream home, but in the mean time you don't want to haul it upstairs to the apartment you'll be living in for the next few months, which comes with appliances.

Eventually, you're going to have the space to put the things you choose to keep, but right now, you just need a safe place to put it where it's out of everybody's way, safe from sun and weather damage, and locked up tight to keep people honest.

Have you ever considered a trailer or storage container? We're talking semi-trailers and those big containers they stack on top of each other during shipping.

Yes, they're that strong. They can withstand the weight of another full container stacked on top, so they aren't going to fall apart because you put your reptile terrarium full of habitat materials or a cabinet full of books in it.

If you're moving in and out of a place with loading docks, a trailer may suit you. Keep in mind the height of the door for loading and unloading purposes. Storage container doors are conveniently close to ground level.

You could buy a trailer or container to hold your treasures while you face life's changes, but if you don't plan on storage being a long-term solution, consider leasing the equipment that best suits your needs.

Purchasing or leasing, Equipment Leasing Solutions is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about storage equipment availability, delivery and pick-up, and how we can help you face life's changes.