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A Mover's Dream

A variety of worries occur in the mind of a person changing residence. Some of this worries include "Will my stuff be safe on the way?" or "Do I need to make more than one trip?" With Equipment Leasing Solutions , all of the moving anxieties will disappear as they provide solutions to these questions. 


Equipment Leasing Solutions provide enclosed semi trailers for transporting various size of furniture and priceless knickknacks. These trailers are weatherproof and can withstand any situation from endangering the items inside. The enclosed trailers and storage containers guarantee protection and cleanliness during the moving process. 

One Way Trip

No matter the amount of objects owned, it will be pretty difficult to fill the entire volume of one trailer and storage container. The semi trailers come in 3 sizes: 45',48', 53'. These sizes provide plenty of room to move furniture and boxes around in order to make one trip possible. Staff members will help determine the size needed for your move. 

Convenience and Ease

As the trailers are standard dock size heights, the ability to move into a warehouse or a house becomes easier. Since all of your possessions are in one place, it provides a convenient place to load and unpack all belongings. These trailers are easily mobile from moving place to place as well. 

Regardless of your needs, Equipment Leasing Solutions offers convenient trailers and storage containers at a reasonable price. Also, their friendly staff to provide any assistance and questions you may have.  

For more information on both semi trailers and storage containers, please contact Equipment Leasing Solutions.