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Handling Seasonal Storage Needs

Holiday Stock Room "Stuffing"

Halloween is coming, and close on its heels Thanksgiving and Christmas most surely follow, with all the extra stock room "stuffing" they bring to a retail business. A huge inflatable pumpkin is great for costume and candy sales, but it's just an obstacle to be worked around when its time to bring out the pilgrims and poster board turkeys.

Halloween and Thanksgiving combined though, aren't as big a storage challenge as the Christmas retail season. Christmas brings a double barreled challenge, with extravagant decorations for the store, not to mention the voluminous once a year inventory that your customers expect to see on your shelves. From Halloween to New Years Day the retail season brings wave after wave of special storage needs, and just at the time when Ohio's weather can be at its worst. 

A Good Play for the 4th Quarter

With summer winding down, and the seasonal retail rush just around the bend, it's time to call Equipment Leasing Solutions for convenient on site storage to handle your extra seasonal needs. Many businesses rely on strong fourth quarter returns. Our storage containers or semi-trailers can be delivered on site to keep your inventory close at hand when you need it most. Keeping the stock room free of old holiday clutter will go a long way to reducing employee stress at a time when you need them to be at the top of their game. With the Halloween and Thanksgiving inventory safely out of the way, the stockroom is freed up for more important inventory, like customer lay-away items.

Weathering the Storm

Snow, sleet, and rain on the way? Inclement weather could be quite a problem if your inventory is even just miles away and roads are impassable. Weather is no problem at all with on site storage. Our storage containers were built for ocean travel and are wind, water, and weatherproof. Best of all they can be right at your back door, ready when you need them. 

On site storage is one of the best choices a retailer can make to keep those holidays jolly...and lucrative!