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Storage Containers vs. Enclosed Trailers

Both storage containers and enclosed trailers offer distinct advantages. A little advance planning will ensure that you get the best value for your dollar. There are three key questions to ask in selecting the best storage option for your requirements:

Is ground level or loading dock access required?

Once a 20-ft or 40-ft storage container has been offloaded, walk-in access is easy. There is only a minor rise from the ground to the floor of the container - typically four to eight inches. By contrast, a semi trailer rides on wheels, so its floor is at loading dock height.

Consider three common product transfer scenarios:

Ground level to ground level - storage containers are ideal. Items are readily loaded into containers.           

Ground level to warehouse - consider containers or trailers. Loading a trailer from ground level requires a ramp or a lift. Determine whether a storage container can be offloaded right into the warehouse.

Warehouse to warehouse - trailers are ideal if each facility uses loading docks.

Is stackability an advantage?

Storage containers are essentially shipping containers. They are designed to be stackable on large container ships and on semis. Those that require a significant amount of enclosed storage can stack storage containers to conserve space as long as the proper equipment is available to lift them into place.

Are storage units subject to frequent transportation?

Of course, a semi trailer is easily hooked up to a cab for transportation elsewhere. By contrast, storage containers must be loaded onto a flatbed trailer via a lift. Storage Trailers can be moved with ease because they have axles and wheels , Storage Containers require loading on a tilt bed truck or flatbed via lift

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