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Lifting Trucking Efficiencies

The Names Synonymous with a "Truck-Mounted" Forklift

Whether you have a truck-mounted forklift, a trailer-mounted forklift, or a piggyback forklift, they are all the same. What is great about this type of forklift is the weight and agility to make your trucking operation complete. You can always have the power to load and unload whenever necessary.

The Advantage, the Convenience, and the Complete Customer Service

Trucking is a demanding business. Forklifts make loading and unloading easier. Not only does a forklift come in handy, but it also gives any trucking operation an advantage over any trucking companies that don't use them.

Increase Profits with an Added Service

Having a piggyback forklift also gives a trucking company another way of offering the extra service of loading and unloading. Not only can a trucking operation charge for these services, but it also gives the trucking operation the means to offer better pay to their drivers.  

Construction Site Convenience

Construction sites require a lot of materials. Once materials arrive on a construction site, they usually have designated areas for placement. Why keep multiple forklifts onsite when delivery trucks can offer the equipment for material placement? 

Prepare for the Unexpected

Many truck drivers do not need to load or unload the product they are hauling. Any trucking business that picks up and delivers to all types of businesses can never be 100% certain that the senders or the receivers have the equipment, or dockage, for loading or unloading.

It can never hurt to have a piggyback forklift to take care of any unexpected loading and unloading deficiencies. And, don't forget to explain and include the extra charges for any loading or unloading needed to get the job done. 

Prowler Piggyback Forklifts at Country Supply, Inc.

Supporting the construction and trucking industries over forty years, we're excited to offer the Prowler Truck-Mounted Forklifts. Built with quality, built to last, the Prowler Piggyback Forklift is an excellent investment. 

It's our mission to make trucking easier, and that's why we're your one-stop-shop for quality semi-trailers and the Prowler Forklift. When you're looking to complete your construction or trucking operation set up with the power of a Prowler, we're here to help.